Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What do you mean - sent home!?

This has been the worst term. I have spent nearly all of it in detention.

Elanor and I spent whole weekends trying to lift the jinx or the curse or whatever to no avail. Whatever it is we can't remove it. Last time I got sent to the Headmaster I burst into tears and told him the whole sordid mess. By the time he got done poking around I felt like a science experiment. Then he announced I was to be sent home. I spent all of last week in his office writing my term finals and my father picked me up this morning.

My father is furious. He won't even consider the possibility of Summer Camp. He's not even sure he will let me go to spend a week with El this summer - or my grandparents in France.

The Aurors are taking all of my things to removed the curses that were put on them - everything I own! No wonder El and I couldn't fix it. Who would do such a thing? That's a good question. I don't know if I mentioned that I received a care package from my friends at Beaux Batons. It was lovely and had all my favorite treats in it. The package arrived while everyone was gone - so I opened and read the cards and letters while waiting for people to come to the dorm and share the goods. As near as we can tell the entire package was laced with the curses. They bounced out of it and all over. El had a couple of them on her things and we removed those pretty quickly (it does explain that day in charms class though) once we knew what we were looking for, but I was sitting in the middle of my bed with the box and everytime I laid something on my bed that didn't have a curse one just jumped on.

My father sent a howler to the Headmaster of Beaux Batons - I can't imagine how that was recieved. But I'm sure I don't need to tell you - I get any more care packages - the Aurors get to open them first - even if that means I lose all the good chocolates!

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